Melissa Zachariasz

President & CEO

MedPro Billing

MedPro Founder and CEO, Melissa Zachariasz, has over 20 years experience in the industry. As a patient advocate, she has worked to help educate government officials and the leaders of nation’s largest Mental Health and Substance Abuse organizations on the trends in benefits, insurance reimbursement, and clinical management.


Over the years, she has built friendships and working relationships throughout the industry. These relationships enable MedPro to provide a unique advantage to our clients.


Our Vision

To provide value-added services and support to our clients by offering consistent education and the development of our staff and business partners. MedPro thrives on promoting fairness, integrity, and honesty within the industry.


  1. Do you bill for any other provider types?

MedPro only bills for providers in mental health and substance abuse which also include individual providers and doctors with a background in addictionology and/or psychology. We bill for facility entities, private practices, and physician groups.


  1. How fast can I start billing if I never billed insurance before?

Within 2-3 weeks you can start the billing process. The first step is to assess your program and make sure you are set up correctly to bill for either a facility, individual provider or physician group. In some cases, there may be more than one entity to set up for billing. Our Onboarding team will enroll you with all of the major payors, set your program up in our database and clearinghouses and help consult with you to develop your program. We also offer credentialing services should you wish to contract in-network with insurance companies.


  1. My facility admits patients on weekends. Can you run a verification of benefits form after hours?

Yes. Depending if the insurance company is open, we have a weekend crew who can assist you. After hours are available until 8 pm EST on weekdays.


  1. Do you provide training on all documents and clinical forms?

Absolutely. We provide unlimited training and offer quarterly training to refresh your staff or any newcomers you have at your facility. We custom each form for you and train frequently via our conference center which provides audio and visual training with a live staff member. From time to time, we offer in-service training and travel to our clients for additional training and support.


  1. How large is your company and when were you founded?

We have over 100 employees and we have been in business since 1992.


  1. What makes MedPro unique?

We are more than just a billing company. We are actively engaged in shaping the industry. We work closely with insurance company heads, politicians, state agencies and government organizations. We advocate for patients and have been instrumental in making sure Parity is enforced. We are committed to working with insurance companies in placing the patients’ best interest at the forefront of all issues when it comes to Mental Health and Substance Abuse.